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About Us

我们的员工长期驻扎在伊拉克、伊朗、科威特、迪拜、安哥拉、肯尼亚、刚果等地,负责当地的清关、派送、物资调动等事宜。 我司以专业化的管理和多元化的服务努力打造(中东、非洲)国际物资流通为核心的航运平台。

Yufeng Infinite (Beijing) International Logistics Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2013,with a registered capital of 10 million yuan,set international logistics, warehousing and international procurement as one,the main areas are Middle East,Africa and other regions.In Iraq,Iran,Kuwait,Dubai,Angola,Kenya,Congo and other places with branch offices,and for the major oil fields to facilitate the movement of services.

Yufeng Infinite and (Air China,Southern Airlines,Qatar Airways,United Arab Emirates,Turkey Airlines,Iraq Airlines)major airlines signed long-term agency agreements.To undertake international air passenger,cargo business, and have non-ship shipping qualification certificate,become the international board of directors of the International Association of Non-Shipbuilding carriers.

Our staff have been stationed in Iraq, Iran,Kuwait,Dubai,Angola,Kenya,Congo for a long time,responsible for customs clearance,delivery,material transfer and other matters.

Our company has set up overseas electronic warehouse in Iraq Basra,Dubai Jebelali,Angola,Kenya,Congo free trade area,which provides convenient service for customers’ international material transfer.And“high standards,strict requirements”to improve the quality of business teams,with advanced management and professional teams ,constitute the international freight logistics environment professional team.

Our company with professional management and diversified service efforts to create(Middle East,Africa) international material circulation as the core of the shipping platform.

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